Landana Cheese

» Landana 1000 DAYS

Extra-aged Gouda, a Dutch masterpiece!

The crowning glory of the art of Dutch cheese making. The special maturing conditions give Landana 1000 DAYS its full, rich flavor. The optimal harmony of a specific temperature, a certain humidity and carefully tending the Gouda style cheese is the well-kept secret of Landana 1000 DAYS. It is only under these ideal maturing conditions that the best quality can be guaranteed. 

Lactose (<0,1g/100g) and gluten free. Contains animal rennet.

ideal for grilled cheese toppings delicious as a snack good on a cheeseboard delicious combined with fruit goes well with red wine goes well with port

Nutritional values per 100 g

1769 kJ / 427 kcal
27,8 g
0,1 g (<0,1 g)
35,0 g (22,1 g)
900 mg
nutritional fibre
0,0 g
927 mg