Landana Cheese

» Landana 500 DAYS

Strong & excellent taste

After 500 days of ripening, our cheese master couldn't wait any longer. At this point the cheese was so delicious that it reached absolute perfection. Which is why we proudly introduce: Landana 500 DAYS. This cheese has a nutty caramel taste and a rich buttery finish with a crystalline crunchy texture. Pair with pears and drizzle with honey.

Lactose (<0,1g/100g) and gluten free. Contains animal rennet.

ideal for grilled cheese toppings ideal for cooking good on a cheeseboard delicious combined with fruit goes well with red wine

Nutritional values per 100 g

1805 kJ / 435 kcal
28 g
0,1 g (<0,1g)
36 g
945 mg
nutritional fibre
0 g
960 mg