Landana Sheep cheese

» Landana Sheep TRUFFLE

Slightly spicy & intense

Delicious slightly spicy sheep cheese with the addition of real black truffle. The sharp taste of the sheep cheese in combination with the intense taste of truffle gives a wonderful aroma. This pure Dutch cheese is traditionally produced and aged for at least 4 weeks on wooden planks. A real delicacy, delicious as an addition to a cheese board or delicious in between.

  • Based on 100% Dutch Sheep cheese
  • Mildly ripened and fresh sheep's cheese
  • Slightly spicy sheep cheese with an intense truffle flavor
  • Prepared according to traditional craftsmanship and about 4 weeks traditionally prepared and naturally aged on wooden planks
  • Does not contain artificial colors and flavors
  • Naturally low in lactose (lactose <0.1g / 100g)
tasty in a salad delicious as a snack good on a cheeseboard goes well with red wine

Nutritional values per 100 g

1748 kJ / 422 kcal
24,1 g
35,2 g