Landana Goat Cheese

All Landana goat cheeses are made from 100% natural, pure Dutch goat’s milk which is recognized all over the world for its excellent quality and mild taste.

Lactose intolerant consumers can often tolerate goat’s milk products better than cow’s milk products.

Landana offers many tasty specialty cheeses using only the best Dutch goat’s milk. From Landana goat cheese MILD to OLD and from MAASDAM goat cheese to a distinctive goat cheese infused with the finest herbs to a piquant blue mould goat cheese. The exclusive washed red rind specialty Landana ROSSO, matured in a cave climate atmosphere, completes this extensive range.

Landana goat cheeses are absolutely top quality, as proven by the international distinctions it has been awarded, such as the “Golden Tavola“, the „World Cheese Award“ and the „Great Taste Award”.

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